Apostle Charmaine Hollis,  Pastor 

Reflection of the Church


It’s time for a change in my church. Paganism has taken root and is hosting a great party with the saints. Where we go from here will define how the church will remain in their stand for Jesus Christ. If the Church continues to practice idolatry it is destined to fall. But if it backs up and reevaluates, from where it began to where it is now, it can identify the sin and purge it. I will bring spiritual identity of myself (God’s Spirit) into the church once again.

I have been waiting a long time to host a party with the church but the invitation that I have sent out has returned unanswered. Open the invitation of your heart and respond to the invite. I will come in and celebrate with you on every level imaginable.

I’m waiting for the RSVP to return to me. Don’t wait to respond. Respond now!

Apostle Hollis believes only what you do for Christ will last and that she performs daily in God’s Kingdom will elevate Jesus Christ even more and have a lasting effect.





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